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In addition to material and system supply Monocouche Render Systems now offer a guaranteed supply and installation service supported by a comprehensive 10 year Warranty covering the render system/s and the quality of the workmanship carried out during the installation process. We offer this to ensure that your house is rendered to the highest standard, for a long-lasting and beautiful result. 


During these contracts Monocouche Render Systems remains completely responsible for the external render package from specification through to installation and satisfactory completion at site.

Our technical support team provides up front guidance on how to construct to receive our render systems working closely with architects and engineers from design stage and in advance of construction to ensure both functional and decorative external features integrate successfully with the rendered finish and work as they should to protect the facade onwards through the life of the property.

This ground breaking service means that we as the manufacturer of the system are able to guarantee that the render system which has been designed by us specifically for that project is installed to the highest standard of finish freeing up client resources to concentrate in other areas.

These turnkey undertakings bridge the grey area of responsibility between the manufacturer, installer and client and completely remove the risk of defects or issues due to incorrect system specification and or poor workmanship which in turn frees up site and office management and resources to deal with other areas within the construction.

How it works...

Receiving an initial quotation

The enquiry package is sent by email to Monocouche Render Systems (MRS) for review.
Within 48 hours MRS reviews the specification, size and location of the project and responds to confirm if the project viable and if MRS is able to provide a quotation to carry out the works.

MRS then reviews the enquiry in greater detail and creating a bespoke specification which forms the basis of the quotation.

MRS submits a comprehensive quotation to the client for review.

Samples of the render system are also supplied to the client for review and approval.

Booking in a site survey

The client confirms interest in the initial quotation and invites MRS to attend site to discuss the works and carryout a detailed survey.

An MRS representative attends site to check the configuration and build specification of the project against the supplied information and advises of anything which may need to be addressed or provided prior to the installation works commencing.

A final and fixed quotation is then supplied by MRS to the client based on the information gained in the survey.

Assigning an account manager

The client confirms acceptance of the final quotation.

MRS assigns an account manager to the project who works with the client to prepare and program in the works, the very same account manager will then remain as the point of contact throughout the entire installation process and until satisfactory completion.

Installation and satisfactory completion

The installation team/s attend site as per the program and carries out the works following the MRS supplied specification managed supported by the MRS account manager.

At point of completion the client and MRS account manager inspect the project to confirm that the required standard of finish has been achieved and the conditions of the 10 year warranty have been met.

The 10 year system and installation warranty is then issued by MRS to the client stating that should there be any issues within the render system or due to the quality of the installation MRS would return to site and carry out a repair free of charge to the current owner.


If you would like to receive a turnkey supply and install quotation for a particular system guaranteeing the highest standard of finish is achieved at site with a comprehensive 10 year warranty covering all system components and the workmanship throughout the installation process please call 0330 111 1467 or simply mail your enquiry to [email protected]

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