The LAF system is a lightweight cost and time saving alternative to creating and installing decorative architectural features with traditional stonework especially when specified for renovation projects where a commercial building may be reconfigured as apartments or as part of a scheme to improve the external appearance.

The LAF mouldings and functional details are created around a high density fire retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS) core onto which the natural sands are bonded; the use of flexible high performance resins creates a robust outer coating with a high level of resistance to impact and long lasting durability.

The nature of the manufacturing methods and flexibility of the EPS core material enables complete freedom of design with limitless scope for the creation of bespoke window and door surrounds, raised bands, string courses, quoins, corbels, cornices, cills, bands, keystones, pediments and other such features. Existing features can also be matched to ensure a newly built or renovated property is in keeping with those that surround it.

In comparison to similar systems it is the use of real sands to create the finished surface which sets the LAF system leagues apart from the rest, when installed the LAF system looks and feels like a traditional stone feature and other than the obvious difference in weight during installation aesthetically there is no difference.

A suitable render system is then selected from our range to encapsulate the LAF features and complete the overall exterior finish; for example if the property undergoing renovation is constructed from masonry such as brick work the Monocouche XF system would be installed to provide the enveloping decorative finish, for newly built timber or steel frame construction the MonoTherm TXF system would be required.

Health and safety and risk at site wise the LAF system can weigh 1/25 of the stone equivalent with all features being to be lifted comfortably by a single person and therefore the risks of long term lifting related issues or serious injury through dropping during installation, moving and storing at site are dramatically reduced.

LAF Installation

The LAF system carries the most benefits when it is specified for use on medium to large scale renovation and remodelling projects or throughout an entire housing scheme. It is on this type and of scale of project that the cost savings of LAF over that of traditional stonework are significant (up to 50%) and the speed of installation can vastly reduce the timescales and build program bringing further saving. The LAF features can be manufactured and awaiting on time installation months before works at site commence.

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