MonoMend RXF is an acrylic based through coloured coating developed specifically for the repair and rejuvenation of existing Monocouche renders.

When installed the MonoMend RXF system then provides a non-stick like property which serves to reduce the build-up of airborne dirt and bacteria and with the aid of rain showers more of the dirt is removed protecting the facade and its colour fast brilliance for longer.

In most cases the MonoMend RXF system can be applied over the course of a few days using light weight towers or cherry pickers thus removing the need for intrusive scaffolding and minimizing the disruption to those occupying the property and reducing the overall time and cost of the works.

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Versatile and far more robust than masonry paint the MonoMend RXF system is able to endure the elements for longer without the need for regular repainting and the nature of the acrylic base means that the system remains flexible after installation.

Most of the micro textured MonoMend RXF system is absorbed into the Monocouche material minimising any change in appearance or flattening.

MonoMend RXF can also be utilised to completely change the colour of an entire Monocouche rendered property and or particular areas should the owner wish to do so.



The existing Monocouche should be stable, clean, suitably dry and free from dust and loose material.

Local repairs should be carried out with a Monocouche material of the same colour and texture and scratched back flush with the surrounding material.

Direct contact with existing Monocouche should be made by the first coat of MonoMend RXF without contamination.


Anti-fungal cleaning solution applied as per guidance to remove algae/bacteria build up (where required).

Windows, doors and features within the working area are protected with plywood, polythene and tapes.

Failed and damaged Monocouche is carefully and neatly removed using a thin angle grinder blade at edges.

Colour and texture matching Monocouche is installed to repair and finished flush with the existing material.

Hairline cracking (up to 2mm) is infilled using flexible MonoFill RXF filler.

MonoMend RXF is applied in 2 even coats over the entire elevation/s to achieve a consistent finish.


MonoMend RXF | 15kg bucket | 17m2 first coat | 35m2 second coat

MonoFill RXF | 125cc tube | Up to 25 lm depending on width and depth of cracks


The above information is supplied as a guide only; material usage is completely dependent on specific substrate type and condition.

NOTE: The MonoMend RXF system is not a structural repair and does not address structural issues within the masonry substrate; it is advised that structural movement issues are resolved prior to its installation.