Through colour Lime renders are breathable, flexible and available in a stunning range of colours traditionally sponge finished and also able to achieve a number of styles such as rough cast, trowel and scratch finish.

Lime renders can be installed onto blockwork, brickwork, stonework, concrete and most other forms of stable masonry.

Lime render systems are generally specified and installed where a more traditional aesthetic is desired and or to answer local planning requirements in areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) for instance.

The Lime render manufacturing process produces less carbon than cement based alternatives.
Furthermore, it re-absorbs carbon thus lowering its carbon footprint further.

We partner with several reputable Lime render system producers to offer their systems on a turnkey supply and install basis only, we do not sell or supply these materials for use by others.


  • Available in a range of stunning traditional and contemporary colours
  • Flexibility to achieve most recognised styles of render finish
  • Reduced environmental impact over cement based alternatives
  • Low maintenance without the need to paint and repaint
  • Breathable while protecting the building’s structure
  • Weatherproof and far more durable than traditional sand and cement renders
  • Ready-mixed with the addition of water the only requirement to install
  • Hand or machine applied to enable large areas to be completed
  • Greatly reduced program allowing trades to continue earlier and scaffolding to be off hired sooner
  • Bagged, palletised and wrapped for ease of delivery and safe storage on site



Lime render can be applied in one coat onto suitable open faced general purpose concrete blockwork and we suggest that a full mesh layer should be imbedded during application.

The masonry substrate should be constructed with a sufficient movement control design containing bed joint reinforcement and or expansion joints as per masonry manufacturers guidelines and in conjunction with BS 5628-3 Code of practice for use of masonry and BS 6093 Code of practice for design of joints and jointing in building construction.

The key to a successful one coat installation relies on the selection of a suitable block type, the management and control of materials and workmanship during the construction of the substrate and the inclusion of a suitable movement control design to ensure that the blockwork performs as it should when constructed.


Lime render can be installed onto general purpose concrete block, lighter weight and lessor density blockwork, brickwork, stonework and concrete with the support of a base coat layer with an alkali resistant mesh imbedded throughout to prepare in what we advise to be best practice in all scenarios.

This comprehensive approach provides a consistent base layer without impurity that controls and equalises suction onto which the through coloured Lime render coating is applied thus going as far as possible to protect the render system against issues which may be caused due to the condition and behaviour of the masonry substrate.

The addition of the base coat and mesh layer provides greater resistance to movement within the substrate and increases protection against water penetration and weathering.

Alkali-resistant mesh is embedded into the base coat or Lime render or at material junctions and surrounding openings to absorb stress.

Diagonal strips of mesh (stress patches) are added to further reinforce across the corners of openings.


  • Masonry substrates should be stable, clean, suitably dry and free from dust and loose material.
  • Newly constructed masonry should be allowed to dry sufficiently before render system install.
  • Mortar jointing should be flushed level with the surrounding masonry.
  • Levelling preparation should be carried out with a suitable Lime base coat only.
  • Direct contact with the masonry should be made without contamination.
  • Wiring and pipework for external accessories should be chased into the masonry
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 5c, above 30c and immediately before a frost or heavy rain.
  • Do not apply to gypsum plaster or painted surfaces.


A 25kg bag of Lime render will cover up to 1m² at 15mm thickness

A 25kg bag of base coat will cover 4m² – 5m² at 4mm thickness

A full pallet of Lime render contains 40 x 25kg bags (1000 KG).

Mesh is generally supplied in 50 m² roll (1m x 50m) coverage is 45m2 per roll allowing for 100mm overlaps

Total System Thickness: 15mm + depth of bead bedding

The above information is supplied as a guide; material usage is completely dependent on specific substrate type and condition and should be confirmed at site.


Lime render can be installed with bead-less curved window and door reveals to achieve a truly traditional finished appearance but to enable this process the masonry must be cut back across the angles to allow for the render to sweep around gradually and still maintain the required thickness.

In the case of fully rendered homes, there should also be a provision for breaks/joints in the design such as vertical expansion joints or chimney breasts as the lack of corner beading means there would be nowhere safe for the installers to stop to drop back and begin the sponge finishing processes.


Beads should be bonded with Lime render products only.
White and Ivory beads are supplied in 2.5lm lengths and boxes containing 25 units

Non-standard bead colours may be supplied in different box quantities

15mm UPVC angle/corner beads are installed to rendered corners giving definition and providing protection against impact.

15mm UPVC drip/bell beads are installed at the base of elevations to force water to fall away from the finishes below and protect against rising damp and capillary action.

15mm UPVC stop beads are installed to give neat and level termination at elevation boundaries and material junctions.

15mm UPVC expansion/movement beads are installed over expansion joints within the masonry substrate.


A 10 year system guarantee is provided with all Lime render materials covering all system components when installed as per guidelines.

In addition to render system specification and supply, we also offer a turnkey supply and installation service using our own teams of installers which absolutely guarantees our systems are installed to the highest standard and without risk of defects due to issues with specification or workmanship.

A 10 year system and workmanship guarantee are also supplied with these contracts.

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