Upon receipt of your sample request we will inform you if there will be any charge for this service and when you can expect to receive your samples prior to sending.

Sample dimensions: 105mm x 90mm suitable for planning consent.

We can also send a 25kg bag of Monocouche XF in any standard colour which can then be applied to an area at site (up to 1m2) for accurate colour and finish approval.

These single 25kg bag samples are boxed, posted out and charged at £35.00 exc vat

Any additional sample requirements should be outlined in the further information section below or emailed to


Unfortunately we’re being called to an increasing amount of projects with quality issues only to find that the builder or installer has chosen to ignore the client’s material selection and use a different and often inferior product.

To avoid these issues once you have selected your Monocouche XF colour we advise that state the following to your builder or installer in writing;

“I wish to have Monocouche XF in colour XF Nimbus White installed at my project supplied by Monocouche Render Systems and as per the sample I have approved from them”

Monocouche Render Systems can accept no responsibility for quality issues or defects due to specification or material change.

*Always remove the sample from the opaque protective sleeve when viewing.

*All samples are supplied as a guide only; it is advised that a sample panel be applied to an area at site for review and final approval.

Sample Request