Price ex. VAT: £15.00
Delivery ex. VAT:
£50.00 per consignment
Coverage Guide: 4m2 when applied at 4mm (4m2 per bag)

MonoBase XF is our cement based breathable high polymer base coat manufactured for use in conjunction with the Monocouche XF render system. MonoBase XF is used to improve the key of smoother masonry surfaces and control and equalise the suction across a mixture of stable masonry substrates.

The addition of a MonoBase XF and MonoMesh XF layer provides greater resistance to movement within the substrate and increases protection against water penetration and weathering.

  • Hand or machine applied and considered one of the most user friendly base coats in the industry
  • Increased protection against movement in the substrate when combined with MonoMesh XF
  • Installed to equalise factors such as water absorption across multiple masonry substrates
  • Installed to provide mechanical key on smooth faced masonry
  • Increased protection against water penetration and weathering
  • Breathable while protecting the buildings structure
  • Bagged, palletised and wrapped for ease of delivery and safe storage on site
  • In stock and ready for delivery to site within days